Days 1 - 4:

Connecticut to Ann Arbor, MI to camping in Pictured Rocks, MI and back to Ann Arbor:

Total Miles: 1470
States covered: CT (start), NY, NJ, PA, OH, MI (segment end)
Time Zones: 1 (eastern)


My sister and I really lucked out in Pictured Rocks. It rained the whole drive up there and it threatened to rain most of the time there. It also felt cold enough on the first day that we might get some snow. Alas, it only drizzled a little the second night. The wind really howled though, making me wonder how strong the trees above my tent were.

Here are a few of the 99 pictures I took in Pictured Rocks.

Munising Falls

Dark ominous Lake Superior:

Our sandstone beach:

The Campsite. Notice the widowmaker hanging over both our tents:

Fantastic sunset:

Chapel Rock, an odd sandstone formation:

One of many views of Pictured Rocks from our 10 mile hike:

to be continued...

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